Wednesday, February 8th, 2017



Welcome light buffet lunch

13.00 - 19.00


Chairmen: Gregg W. Stone, Martin B. Leon, Antonio Colombo

Session I: BRS fundamentals and ABSORB overview
Moderators:  Martin B. Leon, Gregg W. Stone
Discussants: Corrado Tamburino, Yoshinobu Onuma, Davide Capodanno, Robert J. Van Geuns

13.00  Unique aspects of BRS: design attributes and potential clinical advantages  Yoshinobu Onuma
13.15  Discussion with audience Q&A
13.20  A primer of BRS implantation technique: essentials and caveats for complex cases  Antonio Colombo
13.35  Discussion with audience Q&A
13.40  ABSORB lessons from registries: outcomes influenced by experience and technique  Robert J. van Geuns
13.55  Discussion with audience Q&A
14.00  Perspectives on the ABSORB randomized trials: take-home messages for the clinical practitioner  Gregg W. Stone
14.15  Discussion with audience Q&A

Session II: A parade of interesting BRS cases
Moderators: Antonio Colombo, Gregg W. Stone
Discussants: Martin B. Leon, Anna Sonia Petronio, Azeem Latib, Francesco Prati

14.20  Case 1: Ideal cases – Focus on BRS technique  Azeem Latib
14.35  Discussion with audience Q&A
14.40  Case 2: Simple and complex bifurcation cases   Robert J. van Geuns
14.55  Discussion with audience Q&A
15.00  Case 3: NSTEMI and STEMI cases  Corrado Tamburino
15.15  Discussion with audience Q&A
15.20  Case 4: Managing calcified lesions – Focus on vessel preparation  Robert J. Van Geuns
15.35  Discussion with audience Q&A
15.40  Case 5: Diffuse disease including chronic total occlusions  Antonio Colombo
15.45  Discussion with audience Q&A
16.00  Case 6: Can we treat small vessels (avoidance and optimization)?  Azeem Latib
16.15  Discussion with audience Q&A
16.20  Case 7: My best (most unusual) BRS cases  Yoshinobu Onuma
16.35  Discussion with audience Q&A

Session III: Next generation BRS in advanced development
Moderators: Martin B. Leon, Ron Waksman
Discussants: Corrado Tamburino, Antonio Colombo, Azeem Latib

16.50  DESolve: A family of novel PLLA-based scaffolds  Martin B. Leon
17.00  Discussion with audience Q&A
17.05  FORTITUDE, APTITUDE and MAGNITUDE: Other thin-strut novel PLLA-based scaffolds  Azeem Latib
17.15  Discussion with audience Q&A
17.20  MeRes100: A thin-strut PLLA-based scaffold  Martin B. Leon
17.30  Discussion with audience Q&A
17.35  The RENUVIA thin-strut BRS platform Keith Dawkins
17.45  Discussion with audience Q&A
17.50  FANTOM: A radio-opaque desaminotyrosine polycarbonate-based scaffold  Gregg W. Stone
18.00  Discussion with audience Q&A
18.05  Magmaris: A magnesium-based bioresorbable scaffold  Ron Waksman 
18.15  Discussion with audience Q&A

Session IV: The great BRS debate
Moderators: Antonio Colombo, Martin B. Leon
Discussants: Ron Waksman, Robert J. van Geuns, Yoshinobu Onuma

18.20  BRS – An important need  Gregg W. Stone
18.30  BRS – A “stillborn” device!  Davide Capodanno
18.40  Discussion with audience  Q&A

18.50  Adjourn

A “Martini” Cocktail will be offered at the end of the Symposium in the Exhibition Area1